Resolve Automation

I have started this article as I set up some automation for Resolve. I thought I would record my experience. I have used this method before but recently spotted an old Android tablet and thought why not.

You can buy streamdecks, control panels, midi controllers, gaming keyboards and mice. However you probably have what you need lying around, just as I did.

What is Automation

I am not talking about audio automation as that is built in to Fairlight. I am referring to a one button solution to complex tasks. Basically anything the streamdeck can do we can do for the price of an old Android tablet but we are going to use it in Resolve.

Let’s Dive in!

What do I need?

You need 3 things.

  • An Android Tablet or Phone
  • Macro Deck Server App (Free)
  • Macro Deck Android App (also Free)

They either both need to be on the same network or you can plug the tablet into the computer via USB. The WiFi option is the easier of the two.

Dust off, charge and update your Android device and place it on your editing workstation desk.

Download the Android Macro Deck App and install it.

Download the macro deck Windows App. You may have to open up a port on your computer so they can talk to each other. I just had to selected okay on installing the windows server and it set things up for me.

I thought I had messed this up, but discovered Macro deck Server was already running in my taskbar. So if you attempt to open more than one instance it will throw an error. As you can only have one server running.

Unlimited Macros

This feature was a surprise! The Macro Deck works by creating folders and then adding groups of macros to each folder. You can therefore have as many macros as you wish. Each page is laid out in a grid and you can set different grids 3×2 5×3 7×4 etc.

I have (so far) a 7×4 grid with 3 folders one for Resolve, Fusion & OBS the root folder is the upper most folder. I use this to open the folder in Macro deck with my macros in for each application.

Screenshot from my computer as Tablet is the same view.

You can add any application which is on your computer here. I am thinking “Fusion” “OBS” “Affinity Apps” etc.

Macro Deck includes support for OBS, Twitter, Spotify, Twitch, Media, Explorer, Browser, Soundboard & System macros.

Resolve Folder

Once you have the server talking to the client then you can start adding folders, apps and macros. So far I have added an icon to launch Resolve and on the bottom row macros to open each page inside Resolve. This means I can switch the page links at the bottom of Resolve off and make some more screen estate.

For the macro to work “Resolve” has to be the active window.

Added Pages 1st

I have spent the day setting Macro Deck up and I decided to have the following buttons.

  • Launch Resolve
  • Open Media Pool Panel
  • Open Effects Panel
  • Open Inspector Panel & Focus
  • Open Sound Library Panel
  • Open Quick Export

I then create a page for the Media, Cut, Edit, Fusion, Color, Fairlight & Deliver pages. This was so I can have 20 separate macros for each page. The top row has the panel selections in. The bottom row of every page has Davinci Resolves page navigation.

In the edit page I have added the following.

  • Timeline Focus
  • Time Code Focus
  • Time Code Un-Focus
  • Single/Dual Viewer

Every page will have an AHK entry which will navigate to a further folder which has buttons to trigger AHK scripts. (More on AHK soon).

In the Fusion page I have added an “Expressions” button which will open an Expressions page. These will use Quick Access Popup to trigger snippets for my expressions.

What can it actually do?

Macro Deck can action any Resolve keyboard shortcut or combinations of keyboard shortcuts. It can’t run snippets or navigate the screen (Quick Access Popup & Auto Hotkey can though).

This is where I start to experiment. I will update this article when I have had a little more time setting things up but I guess it will be different for everyone. I make assets in Fusion so my macros will be different from a YouTuber or editor. I just wanted to but this out there as it is a massive time saver. TTFN