The Catalogue

A simple text + node converted into a powerful resource.

The catalogue uses the power of the inspector to bring training, forums, expressions and a whole host of assets to your fingertips. It is now simply a click away to download :

  • 3D Assets
  • Audio Assets
  • Color Reference¬†
  • Fonts
  • Mapping
  • Stock footage
  • Stock Images
  • SVG Assets
  • Subtitle resources
  • VST Plugins

Blackmagic Design’s official training videos and a selection of high quality unofficial training is included as well as:

  • Expressions
  • Text+ Tricks
  • The Book
  • The Cookbook
  • William Justice Resources
  • LUA Patterns
  • LUA Cheat sheet
  • The Unofficial API
  • Telemetry Extractor
  • And Of Course REACTOR

Forum Resources, Discord Invites and More….