Picture in Picture

This Picture in Picture Template is demonstrating a new way of offering Pre-Sets for a macro. These new pre-sets can only be coded and can not be created within DaVinci Resolve. To get the most from this picture in picture template add your background to track 1 and your picture in picture clip on track 2, to improve performance select the clip on track 2 and turn it into a fusion clip. Drag the PIP effect from the effects library onto the fusion clip (track 2) and open the inspector to use the new pre-sets. 

PIP Two is a twin panel picture in picture with 18 pre-Sets with Pre-Sets for Pitch and Yaw.

  • Place a background clip on Track 1 (Optional)
  • Place a Clip on Track 2
  • Place a clip on Track 3
  • Convert Track 2 and Track 3 into one Fusion Clip
  • Drag the PIP Two effect onto the Fusion Clip

In the inspector you can customize the individual controls or choose a pre-set.

As the pre-sets are coded you can change any parameters in the controls page (tab) without breaking the pre-sets. This is because the new pre-sets is an automated way of changing the parameters.

New Video Tutorial Coming Soon.