Davinci Resolve Training Video Index

Update: 18/01/2022 

Blackmagic Design has updated all their training videos for version 17 (which may mean 18 is on the way). I am currently working on another little project to do with the inspector so have not updated the training index to include the new videos (over 6hrs).

Therefore here is the link to the BMD Training YouTube channel until I update the index. 

Happy Learning

Blackmagic Design Official YouTube Channel

There are hundreds if not thousands of videos about Davinci Resolve and Fusion but finding the exact one you need at the exact time is never easy. Until now!

New for Autumn 2021 is an updated index including all your favourite YouTubers and of course Blackmagic’s free online training, plus a few bonus videos from the Blackmagic team.

To reduce bandwidth use on this site the links will open in a new tab, the advantage of using this searchable index is the link will take you to the timestamped point of the tutorial.

I highly recommend subscribing to the YouTube channels as this encourages the creator to produce even more content on our favourite niche.

Please take into consideration that this is a working document and I will be updating it on a regular basis. Rather than have the index as a blog post that can be easily lost in all the content I have created a dedicated page. Happy Learning ! – John

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