Butter Smooth Credit Scroll

Paul Saccone’s Excellent Tutorial

Learn how to create super smooth credit rolls in DaVinci Resolve. This tutorial will show you how to create an end crawl with multi column text, different fonts, and different type styles — all with a single text tool. You’ll also learn the secret to creating silky smooth animations that look great at any frame rate.


Seasoned executive with a combination of exceptional product marketing and product management experience, enterprise operations background, and deep technical knowledge.

SENIOR MARKETING & PRODUCT MANAGEMENT EXECUTIVE. Successful at establishing the vision and strategies necessary to bring new products to market and build a profitable business. An expert cross-functional, collaborative team builder that can drive core business groups— product management, engineering, marketing, and sales— toward a common, unified goal to significantly expand market share and generate sustainable revenue.

OPERATIONS DIRECTOR. Exceptional general manager with multi-million dollar budget and project management experience. Strong background in enterprise facilities, logistics and operations. Highly skilled process engineer capable of implementing efficient, cost-effective workflows by understanding business requirements (both the “how” and “why”).

CREATIVE TECHNOLOGIST. Over 25 years experience in technology for professional film, television, and commercial video production. Production and post-production workflow specialist, including large scale data-center and infrastructure technology for high-performance multi-user studios. Published author, recognized public speaker, and product training expert.