1000’s of Templates!

I keep seeing in forums and all over social media posts, complaining that there aren’t enough templates for DaVinci Resolve and Fusion.

If you think that is the case then you have not discovered the correct sources as there are literally 1000’s.

Let’s start with a few promo trailers of just some templates available for DaVinci Resolve and Fusion. I will then end the article with links to the source. In most cases Templates for Apple Motion transfer to DaVinci Resolve very easily.

Let’s start with Digital Juice Simplexity Series.

Disclaimer. Apple Motion Templates are layered QuickTime png sequence with place holders. Some 3D effects would require a good knowledge of the Fusion 3D environment.

I will be testing these templates over the coming months and will report on each one.

Simplexity Collection One
Simplexity Collection Two
Simplexity Collection three
Simplexity Collection Four
Simplexity Collection Five
Simplexity Collection Six
Simplexity Collection Seven

Lower Thirds

All lower thirds work in DaVinci Resolve as they are QuickTime PNG with Alpha. All you do is add your own Text+, some require tracking and use of the write on tool keyframes. Yes! you can type on the screen but only on the Fusion Page. Inserting logos would be a png logo over laid on the track above the lower third.

Lower Thirds Collection One
Lower Thirds Collection Two
Lower Thirds Collection Three

Matte Magic

Drag Drop change the composite mode. Done!

Drag & Drop Overlays

Animated Wipes

Drag these above the cut and align the “Switch Frame” Done!


Let’s wrap up with Digital Juice with revealers. I will add more as I get hold of them.

You can get a Digital Juice Subscription. Be aware they haven’t posted any new assets for over 18 months. They have a spin off website called BusyBoxx. I have no affiliate with Digital Juice but have been a customer for 10 years.

“It’s like Netflix®
  for creative

DJ Promo Trailer


AE Juice was formed as an After Effect Template provider but have ventured into QuickTime PNG overlays. I recently bought their DaVinci Resolve pack and so far I am impressed.

Liquid Elements

Your video will look BADASS!

All animations were created by a professional frame-by-frame animator with 15 years of experience. Your video will rock with Liquid Elements!

Liquid Transitions

Shape Elements

Pro Sound Effects

A pack of 1000+ professional sound effects for any video and audio editor.

Cyberpunk HUD

Animated Emojis

Cosmic Alphabet

An animated English typeface for all video editors. Includes all letters, numbers, and 10 symbols.

Neon Glitch Shapes

Neon Analog Glitch Shapes

Cyberpunk Transitions

Cyberpunk Glitch Texture Pack

Light Leaks

Cyberpunk HUD 2

Create futuristic animation for social media, advertising, TV, and events. Dive into the dark neon cyberpunk style and amaze all your clients with top-notch graphics. This package contains a lot of tasty new animations including text, stories, backgrounds, elements, frames, and lines. 

Film Textures

Urban Texture Pack

Camera Screen Recordings Overlays

Video Copilot

Yep! Some work and work well.

Action Essentials 2


99% work

Riot Gear

Free Slime

More Soon… Just going to make some dinner.